Photonic Integrated Circuit technologies have very interesting applications in the Medical field such as the development of low-cost and direct sensing systems, the miniaturization of optical modules and haptic feedback tools for use in surgery.

Optical Communications

Photonic Integrated Circuit technologies are a central part of new developments in transceivers and optical switches to increase the required bandwidth and to achieve a footprint reduction at all the different Ethernet scenarios such as campus and data center, hyperscale cloud providers and service providers locations.

Automotive & Aerospace market

The transport industry has increasing needs for real-time monitoring of impacts, deformation, and structural damage as well as 3D sensors to improve efficiency and security. Photonic Integrated Circuit technologies offer compact and miniaturized modules to meet these challenges

Consumer electronics

Photonic Integrated Circuits can be used in applications such as smartphones, smart watches and robotics. This involves accelerometers, gyroscopes, geomagnetic sensors and pressure sensors that fit on a chip surface of just a few mm² and with very low power consumption.

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