PIXAPP is the world’s first open access PIC assembly and packaging pilot line, combining a highly-interdisciplinary team of Europe’s leading industrial and research organisations. PIXAPP also provides advanced training to industry and academia, including a combination of lectures and practical hands-on laboratory-based training using state-of-the-art equipment, software access, test and reliability systems. PIXAPP has created the world’s first training programme for photonics packaging. Since 2018, this training programme is held annually every January. Training attendees from across the full supply chain of Photonics can visit the PIXAPP Gateway at Tyndall to learn about state of the art packaging during our hands-on training programme. Also academic modules are offered with credits for postgraduate students.

The PIXAPP Training & Education provides training around scalable photonic packaging covering:

  • PIC Device & Package Design
  • PIC Fabrication
  • PIC Assembly and Packaging (Fibre Array Attachment and Alignment, Micro-Optics Assembly and Alignment, Flip-Chip Bonding, Wire Bonding, Laser Welding, Solder Ball Deposition, Testing and Reliability)
  • PIC Testing, Product Reliability and Failure Analysis
  • PIC Application Case Studies

Photonics involves the generation, control and detection of light. It impacts our lives in many areas, including high-speed fiber optic communications, medical diagnostic sensors, the control of self-driving cars, quantum applications on security and emerging mass markets on the internet of things.



The PIXAPP Training & Education will service the following audiences:


  • Industry developing PIC products and using PIC technologies
  • Industry planning to establish in-house PIC packaging manufacturing facilities
  • Industry planning to outsource PIC packaging manufacturing and design
  • New industry entrants to PIC packaging technologies, including non-photonic experts
  • Download HERE our brochure for the Industrial Advanced Programme

Academic & Research

  • Researchers developing PIC based products or innovations
  • Researchers interested in packaging manufacturing, assembly & design
  • Academics interested in PIC packaging technologies
  • Additional credits with Lecture Courses for Masters & Ph.D Students in the Academic Programmes

Photonic device packaging can account for over 50% of the photonic product manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is vital that industries developing photonic-based products have an understanding of the materials, technologies and processes required to package photonic devices. The PIXAPP training programme provides the participants, with the fundamental technical skills in package design, assembly and reliability testing. The scope covers the key optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical aspects of integrated packaging technologies. It also provides an overview of packaging equipment and photonic device foundry services, which are critical parts of the packaging ecosystem.


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