The development of PIXAPP Building Block technology starts with the design of PIXAPP Reference PICs. These reference PICs have been designed to meet different design rules that make it easier to develop packaging processes compatible with ramping up production.

Adopt PIXAPP standards, request your Reference PICs to test your processes

PIXAPP Reference PICs

The reference Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are a joint effort across each of the PIC providers in PIXAPP to produce PICs in the major photonic platforms (InP, SOI, SIN) with standard designs for electro-optical I/O ports and packaging assembly steps. These PICs are key in the development of the PIXAPP building blocks and are used to optimise packaging processes as well as being a basis for designing generic materials and sub-components used for scalable packaging.



The types of reference structures on each PIC include:

  • Grating couplers (various pitches)
  • Edge couplers (various pitches)
  • DC Bond Pads (various pitches and size)
  • RF Bond Pads (various pitches and size)
  • Flip Chip Bonding Test Pads (various pitches)
  • Heaters (various loads)


Where possible, the same reference features are utilized across all PIC platforms to demonstrate, validate and optimise each packaging process within PIXAPP.


An example reference PIC (SOI) is shown below, which key packaging interfaces indicated.