PIXAPP offers manufacturing services of standardised packages for optical communications, diagnosis and fiber sensing applications, ideal for companies needing pre-commercial production.

High Speed Gold Box

PIXAPP offers Pilot Production of photonic packages for high-speed applications.

  • RF design (package, interposer, PCB) for up to 64 GBaud
  • High-speed RF lines and interconnects (LTCC; RF-Flex; Ribbon wire-bonding)
  • TEC controlled PIC & integrated driver and control electronics
  • RF interconnects between chips with different temperature zones
  • Fiber-to-PIC alignment using printed µ-lenses on PIC and/or fiber facet
  • High density of optical and electrical (DC & RF) interconnects
  • Integrated Bias-T´s and ESD protection measures
  • Hermetic Sealing


Biosensor package

PIXAPP offers Pilot Production of disposable packages for affinity-based biosensors.

  • Integration of µlens imaging system (µLenses by LIFT and 3D nano-printing)
  • Plug-and-play electrical connections (spring-loaded probes)
  • Antibody spotting of individual sensors (surface activation and micro-spotting)
  • Low-cost µfluidic interface (injection-molded polymer µfluidics)
  • Scalable µfluidics-PIC assembly respecting the bio-functionalization
  • Passive alignment of consumable chip in external holder (holder design and fabrication)

Fibre Sensing Interrogator package

PIXAPP offers Pilot Production of fully integrated package for FBG sensing with embedded light source and low noise readout electronics.

  • Multiple chip packaging(3x PIC; 1×EICs)
  • Direct optical edge-coupling (Single lensed fibre plus fibre array)
  • PIC-to-PIC Alignment (InP-to-Triplex) with high precision to achieve the desired performance
  • Minimum back-reflection to keep light source “clean”
  • Thermal management and active cooling optimized for multiple heat sources in a single package

See here the microfluidic building block in action

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